Earth is asymmetrical yet the same everywhere

Vernita Pandey
2 min readApr 22, 2022
Must be a better world out there than I imagined it to be. (Painting by Vernita Pandey, 08 march 2021)

I am an Indian, living in Canada for a while now.

I have a life full of experiences but the experiences that saved me from their negative sides have always been the things of nature. This is where my energy turned grounded in order to see what vision is the sky holding.

I have a diverse life with distinct phases and places.

I never have to tell people that I am living in a dream place with it not being in my dream in the first place.

Maybe because I always live in the reality with my planet.

I spend most of my time alone in the woods, yet never feel disconnected from the profession or the people.

Maybe because the feeling of belongingness to the woods is what connects me to the world deeply.

Animals and birds are my best friends, they teach you, detachment, at its best, yet teach connectivity to the soul.

I never found any difference between the places I lived in but did find differences in people’s opinions of themselves which changed the world around them.

One should take time in nature in order to activate their senses of what is to be human besides this materialistic era of depletion.

We do not need much to conserve this planet, rather just have to disconnect ourselves from the monetary aspects of life and feel a little content with our gifted life in nature.

Maybe because it is a human deed to not destroy the one they feel connected to.

Life is not easy but a living can always be, lead by our intentions.

Earth is asymmetrical, yet the same everywhere!



Vernita Pandey

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