How do you topic an article?

Vernita Pandey
3 min readApr 26, 2022

It is not very easy to put our emotions and thoughts via a collection of words. But writers somehow jot them in a manner that is attractive to the audience. The desire to reach more minds is, however, a goal for most writers in order to develop a kind of self-belief in their work.

Sometimes writers decide the topic and go on with it, whereas the opposite the other times. Yet there are certain questions in a mind of a reader on guessing the right topic for the efforts they put into the work.

Know what you are writing.

The common mistake that people make is they forget the idea of the message that emerges from their work.

Every writing platform is full of quantities with a lack of quality in the picture.

One should know all aspects of what they are actually writing and conveying to the reader, and then take this information into consideration while deciding on a topic for it.

Put your opinions and crosscheck them.

Once you have full insights into what exactly you want to tell your audience, you also get a little insight into which direction a topic should be headed to.

The next step becomes an activity to find out what your reader wants to read and what topic would catch their attention which depicts your content as well.

Seek out personal stories.

These days people are randomly creating content and deciding a topic based on clickbait and not what the above steps state.

This is giving them more views but slowly reducing the quality of their work in a certain way.

Seeking out personal stories in the content and a topic of others, as a result, helps in developing a loyalty to the form of information that one wants to display.

Research on topics related to the trending searches.

Research never goes wasted and it always helps a person to declutter their thoughts.

Once you have decided on what exactly is your writing all about, the other important step is to keep searching the related topics to it.

This will provide an idea on deciding what topic will go the best with your work as well as the audience.

Do not be ashamed to portray your originality.

As soon the pressure of the audience and one’s own motivation, drive the writing patterns of a person, both at the same time.

A person often thinks about compromising their essence and eventually choose a topic inclined toward what others like.

However, one should never compromise on something which provides them peace.

So, a writer should always consider the originality while following up with the ongoing trends.

Go with that decided topic.

Based on factors, Once all the hurdles are passed on deciding a topic.

Go with the decided topic anyway, as you have given your best to achieve the best version of your topic based on the research hidden in the above steps.

Consider the mistakes of this work in your future works.

Once you have decided and set your topic right, also you go with it, the work does not end here. This is a continued practice and one has to consider the engagement and outcome of the project in order to avoid mistakes in future works.



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